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Building and Managing Networked Organizations

Presenter: Bpi, Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute


In the 1980s, a few small companies – Toyota, Datsun, etc. – then little known outside Japan, challenged dominant Western companies with a managerial philosophy we now call “Lean.” Though the tools of Lean were remarkably simple, most Western companies struggled to respond. Executives could not initially make the mindset shift essential for appreciating that organizational structure, processes, strategy and even culture needed rethinking. Today, we are undergoing a similar transformation: Competition has morphed from jousts between individual companies to skirmishes among networks of companies. Nokia, Hewlett-Packard and even Toyota, as well as several other companies worldwide, are already on this path. They were outperforming their rivals prior to today’s fiscal crisis and are surviving the crisis better.

In this Webinar, Amit Mukherjee will describe the nature of the ongoing transformation. He will show research data that establishes that many companies are once again at risk. Networks have shifted the power to affect corporate performance from top executives to mid-level managers. Yet, few recognize this shift, as their companies hold on to outdated modes of operation. Amit, who interviewed executives who drove change at Nokia and Hewlett-Packard, will introduce the “Design Principles” that are powering the leading networked companies. He will also discuss the critical changes individual managers and executives can make without waiting for formal corporate initiatives.

What Will You Learn

• Most importantly, ideas to make the mindset shift needed to manage networked companies well.
• How to assess the vulnerabilities and strengths of your company.
• How to get the effort to change started.

Who Will Participate

The Webinar will benefit executives with profit-and-loss or functional leadership responsibilities, particularly those who jobs require them to work regularly with other companies and organizations.



Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

Access Resource

60 Minutes