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Leadership for Sustainability and the Importance of Systems Change

Presenter: Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Sustainability is not a problem to be solved. It is a future to be created. True leadership is about cultivating the collective capacity so that people shape futures they truly desire. In this webinar, Peter Senge will offer insights and practical methods for leaders across sectors who are seeking to foster innovation for environmental, social, and economic sustainability while operating in a rapidly changing, interdependent environment. In particular, he will address some of the following core leadership competencies for sustainability:
•Develop an organizational culture worthy of people’s highest aspirations
•Cultivate systems thinking to bring about lasting change
•Harness collective aspiration and create a shared sense of purpose
•Cultivate the practice of reflection as a key element for change
•Improve one’s own leadership through personal mastery and the creative orientation

The webinar will be very interactive and you will have the opportunity to share challenges and ask questions that really matter to you.

What Will You Learn

Participants will better understand the importance of:
•Seeing whole systems rather than just parts in support of fundamental innovation and change
•Collaborating across boundaries to engage all relevant stakeholders and their interest, create healthy social networks and realize breakthrough results
•Moving from problem-solving to creating by engaging in rapid prototyping, evoking inspiration and creativity throughout the system and moving towards possibility.

Who Will Participate

Executives, Organization Change Professionals, Emerging Leaders, High Potentials. Anyone who is interested in learning how to sustain leadership for sustainability and change in their organization.


Peter Senge

Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Access Resource

60 Minutes