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Creating Your Leadership Story

Presenter: Steven Ober, President, Chrysalis Executive Coaching & Consulting


Do you or your clients: Want practical, results-oriented support in dealing with tough professional and leadership issues? Have the experience of “déjà vu all over again”—find yourself in very different situations with different content but feel that you’ve been there before? Feel that on some deeper level you repeat patterns of behavior you have engaged in earlier—patterns that often produce less than optimal results? Have questions about yourself that you have considered for years and have never been able to answer, for example “Why do I always feel that same sinking feeling at the end of big projects, even successful ones?” Feel stuck in your current position or in a career transition and want to move forward energetically? Hesitate to make parts of yourself visible—hesitate to make your feelings known, to let go of control, to take control, to enter totally new territory, to be aggressive, or to follow other leaders? Feel that something is holding you back, but you’re not sure what it is? Want to deepen your practice and enhance your leadership in very powerful ways? Feel very successful and desire to move to the next level of professional excellence?

In this webinar, Steve Ober will describe a new approach to executive and professional coaching which provides a powerful way to uncover answers to these kinds of questions and decide what you want to do about them. Group members will look briefly a their own stories to establish relevance. Steve will review the basic premises, background, and steps associated with story work. He will also review example stories and his findings from doing this work thus far. The group will discuss key questions they have about the approach and about how they can apply it in their own leadership and professional practice.

What Will You Learn

•What is Leadership Story Work?
•How it can help a leader grow in life changing ways.
•The steps in coaching a leader or professional regarding their story
•The kinds of stories leaders tell
•How a leader can create a new story moving forward
•What story work can teach us about leadership and life
•How a leader can make and sustain significant changes made through story work.

Who Will Participate

•Professionals who want to deepen their practice.
•Leaders who want to make quantum improvements in their effectiveness.
•Individuals who want to greatly enrich their lives by engaging in transformational growth.


Steven Ober

President, Chrysalis Executive Coaching & Consulting

Access Resource

60 Minutes