Leadership Agility: Why do you need it? How do you develop it? - Best Practice Institute
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Leadership Agility: Why do you need it? How do you develop it?

Presenter: Bill Joiner, Co-Author of Award-Winning Book,Leadership Agility, President of ChangeWise


To succeed in today’s tumultuous economy, we need agile organizations that can adapt quickly and proactively to rapidly changing conditions. To create and manage agile teams and organizations, you need to be an agile leader. But what exactly is leadership agility? In this webinar Bill Joiner, seasoned leadership consultant and co-author of the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, will reveal key findings from his extensive research into this question. Drawing on what he has learned from highly agile leaders, he will show what this kind of leadership looks like in action and what it takes to develop it.

Whether you are an executive adapting your organization to challenging economic conditions, a leadership development professional ramping up programs for high-potential managers, or a consultant or coach focusing on organization or leadership development, this webinar will give you a fresh, vital perspective for sizing up your next change initiative.

What Will You Learn

•What is the essence of leadership agility?
•Why do even highly accomplished leaders need to be more agile than ever?
•How does a leader’s agility develop through clearly recognizable stages or levels, and why does a leader’s agility level affect everything he or she does?
•What are the Expert and Achiever levels of leadership agility, used by 90% of today’s managers, and how does this kind of leadership impact organizational effectiveness?
•What is the Catalyst level of agility (used by only about 10% of today’s managers), and why is it proving to be more successful in today's complex, rapidly changing world?
•What are four ways you can increase your own level of leadership agility?

Who Will Participate

•Senior executives who sense the need for greater team and organizational agility
•Senior HR, OD, and Talent Management professionals
•Managers of any function and organizational level interested in increasing their own effectiveness and the effectiveness of those they lead
•Consultants and coaches who focus on leadership and organization development
•Anyone interested in the intersection between personal and leadership development


Bill Joiner

Co-Author of Award-Winning Book,Leadership Agility, President of ChangeWise

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60 Minutes