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Want Better Results? Change Your Thinking!

Presenter: Denise Cooper, BPI Expert, Coach HR


For years, The Gallup Organization has estimated a loss in US productivity of $278B. Think about it. At least 20% of the time 56% of employees and 45% of executives are not productive. You must be asking yourself, “How can that be?” Here are three examples.

•Your top sales person could sell snow to Eskimos. And yet despite numerous conversations, a significant number of his deals come in with sales that have low to non-existent margins.
•You promoted a highly skilled and well respected director of finance a role overseeing competitive analysis and new product introduction. She had all the technical skills and during the interviews for the job seemed to have the personality to be successful. But now she’s failing in the role.
•The meeting Monday morning went very well. You’re confident that everyone there knew what they were to do, yet now everyone is acting completely different than what was agreed upon.

The intended results of each example are less than expected because up until now we’ve been taught to evaluate personality and behavior. Now there’s a relatively unknown assessment, the Hartman Value Profile that reveals how people make decisions. Decisions that dictate your behavior and results.

In this webinar, Denise Cooper, President/CEO of Coach HR, will discuss how and why this assessment works, compare it to other more popular assessments and how you can use this assessment to increase trust, the speed of implementing new endeavors and ultimately capture higher levels of productivity. Peter Drucker said a 5% increase in productivity can double a company’s operating profits.

What Will You Learn

•How your thinking is formed and how it shapes your behaviors and results.
•How the Hartman Value Profile helps us understand behavior like no other assessment.
•How you can create long term sustainable success.
•Discover three ways you can impact and change performance.

Who Will Participate

•Senior business leaders launching or implementing new business or processes.
•Executives struggling with a team that is more worried about keeping their job than taking the necessary business risks.
•HR Executives charged with increasing the success of the organization by improving decisions that depend on or impact people.


Denise Cooper

BPI Expert, Coach HR

Access Resource

60 Minutes