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The Spiritual Based Executive

Presenter: Debra Miller, Workplace Learning | Procedure Documentation | Project Management (PMP) | Change Management | LEAN


Consider what it might be like in our world today if:
•Spirituality was the inner foundation that business executives operated from
•Business executives developed within themselves a purity and unity of thought, word and action
•Business executives actively expressed their spiritual character in every aspect of their lives
•Spiritual values transformed all aspects of life in business and in society… which naturally resulted in spiritual well-being and global prosperity for all

To fulfill this vision, we will need a revolution in business leadership. While the word “revolution” often conjures up an image of radical change and chaos, it actually has two meanings.

The first is “fundamental transformation” that often does involve great uncertainty. But the other definition is equally important. What does the earth do every 24 hours? It completes one revolution, returning to where it began. So, the second meaning of revolution is “to return to where you began.” In the context of spiritual-based leadership, this means returning to our spiritual roots, to our inner source of spirituality – and leading from that place.

To facilitate this revolution in business leadership, we will explore four faculties that will empower you to be a spiritual-based executive:

-Establish your spiritual view of life and your spiritual theme.
-Explore your spirituality from the inside out. Identify how you best grow your spiritual awareness.
-Embody spiritual principles in your leadership. See what it looks like waking up as a spiritual-based executive each day.
-Engage in “revolutionary” activities. Stretch your ideas of what’s possible in who you are, what you contribute, and how you can lead from your spiritual theme.

These four faculties are not just for individual executives. In fact, when a group of executives identify their common spiritual view of life, support each other in growing spiritually, embody spiritual principles day-to-day, and engage in activities to transform their organization, they cannot help but stimulate fundamental change… naturally.

When we step up to the challenge, the call, to be business executives steeped in our spiritual values, our companies will take the lead in building the character, and the capabilities, required to transform all aspects of life and business.


Debra Miller

Workplace Learning | Procedure Documentation | Project Management (PMP) | Change Management | LEAN

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