Leadership Persuasion During Hard Times - Best Practice Institute
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Leadership Persuasion During Hard Times

Presenter: John Baldoni, Executive Coach & Leadership Educator


There comes a time in every leader’s career when he/she is faced with seemingly intractable obstacles. Not in terms of deficiencies in resources or competitive pressures, but in terms of people in his/her organization. Often it comes in the form of a coalition of people who do not like or trust him/her. Sometimes this lack of trust is due to lack of knowledge; they do not know him/her. Or it may be based on lack of faith; they do not think he/she is up to the job. The way the leader handles the situation will determine his/her success or failure as a leader. When facing such situations, the leader owes it to him/herself and the organization to defuse the forces against her and then bring people together. Persuasion becomes the rule of the day.

What Will You Learn

Participants will gain insights into:
-Demonstrating an understanding of the “big picture”
-Developing a strong business case-based argument
-Focusing on facts, not personalities
-Creating coalitions
-Leading by example


John Baldoni

Executive Coach & Leadership Educator

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60 Minutes