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Grow Globally: Proven Strategies for Corporate Leadership

Presenter: Mona Pearl, Global Strategist, Professor, Speaker, Author


How do you find growth in new markets? How do you beat your competition and lead? As the world becomes more dependent on technology, and as trade borders become seamless, companies need to acquire the tools and skills necessary on how to compete, innovate and succeed in the global market. The webinar will illustrate the skills needed to build a successful global execution platform that will stand the test of change and still be on target, on budget and on time. It covers how to anticipate change in global decision making and execution, how to assess trends, and how to respond to differences between internal corporate culture and the target culture.

This webinar will trigger proven effective approaches and leadership strategies to use when entering new regions of the world or expanding your base in the international arena.

What Will You Learn

-Why most U.S. companies should consider accelerating global growth and some of the best tools for success
-How to find growth before your competitors do
-What are best practices to successful global corporate leadership
-Where are the growth markets companies should focus on now
-What are the hidden costs and opportunities for global growth
-The three biggest mistakes companies make when going global and how to avoid them
-Future global trends and what are the future drivers of change in global corporate leadership

Who Will Participate

This webinar guides corporate development people, financial, other c-level management as well as board of director members and those in charge of corporate global expansion strategies on how to craft a successful global actionable strategy, as well as identify, develop and acquire the leadership skills necessary in the rapidly changing global economy.


Mona Pearl

Global Strategist, Professor, Speaker, Author

Access Resource

60 Minutes