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13 Management Practices that Waste Time and Money

Presenter: Aubrey C. Daniels Ph.D.,


OOPS! You just sank more company money into a performance strategy that doesn't work! In these strained economic times when every penny counts, you can no longer afford to invest in the financially flawed activities. As the founder of a behavior-based process that has revitalized companies around the world, Aubrey C. Daniels has repeatedly witnessed the 13 most universally used, but ineffective management tactics. Businesses have been wasting time and funds on the same tired approaches for years. Now Daniels reveals what to do instead!

What Will You Learn

In this session, participants will gain insight into:
1. Restructuring approaches to motivation, mergers, appraisals, productivity, quality, and the many challenges business leaders face.
2. How focused change requires awareness of faulty practices, the desire to institute a change in the way you manage corporate performance, and knowledge of Aubrey's behavior-based principles.

Who Will Participate

VP, SVP, Managers and Executives with performance management, human resources, training & development, and other critical line management functions

Access Resource

60 Minutes