Improving Time to Productivity with World-Class Onboarding & Orientation for New Hires and Transfers - Best Practice Institute
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Improving Time to Productivity with World-Class Onboarding & Orientation for New Hires and Transfers

Presenter: John Sullivan, Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor


In times of economic turbulence few things are more important than keeping employees laser focused and productive. Unfortunately, turbulence outside the organization often creates turbulence inside. During such times, some organizations are forced to cut labor costs, restructure teams, shift work from one location to another, and cut projects altogether. Other firms that produce counter cyclical products or provide goods whose demand does not correlate with economic cycles are looking at the turbulence as a tremendous opportunity to capture great talent from the labor market and grow the business. Regardless what camp your organization falls into, leveraging world-class onboarding and orientation should be seen as a key activity relative to improving time to productivity not only of new hires, but also existing employees impacted by organizational change.

For many working professionals the mere mention of onboarding and orientation evokes memories of a horrible administrative experience that frustrated everyone and benefited no one. World-class onboarding and orientation on the other hand aims at providing employees with access to tools and information that are proven to shorten the learning curve, foster teamwork, and ultimately improve productivity.

What Will You Learn

• What characteristics define a world-class approach to onboarding and orientation
• What practices are essential and which are detrimental
• What emerging best practices leading edge firms are currently evaluating.

Who Will Participate

This webinar is truly appropriate for anyone connected to staffing, training, development or line management. Regardless of your role, this is a session you won’t want to miss as everything discussed is relevant not only for deployment organization wide, but also scalable to address the needs of an individual team.


John Sullivan

Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor

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60 Minutes