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Delivering Business Impact in the New Economy

Presenter: Greg Waldron, Leadership / HR Consulting


The new economic environment has been described as “tough”; “catastrophic”; “devastating”; and “historic” among other things. It can also be described as a reset, a re-definition and therefore an opportunity for the strongest businesses to not only survive, but to prosper over the longer term.

What’s your role in this environment as an HR / OD professional (or as a line manager)? You simply must be able to demonstrate how you are making a significantly positive impact on your company’s current performance, or else run the risk of being viewed as irrelevant.

Greg Waldron discusses the results-based approach, derived from principles originally expounded in Ram Charan, Steve Drotter, and Jim Noel’s book "The Leadership Pipeline" that he has applied as an HR head and consultant that improves an organization’s capability to implement business strategy.

What Will You Learn

-A new perspective on analyzing and describing the work necessary to deliver your company’s business plan – one that “speaks the same language” as your business managers
-A core work architecture that can link and align all of your human resources processes and make them mutually supportive
-A new way to describe jobs that connects people at all levels to the business plan in a meaningful way
-Using performance planning and appraisal as both a business and developmental tool

Who Will Participate

This webinar will be of interest and value to line managers with significant people management responsibilities, human resources managers and organization development professionals who are practical and application focused in their approach – or anyone charged with delivering business results in this challenging, resource-constrained environment.


Greg Waldron

Leadership / HR Consulting

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60 Minutes