A LEAN (mean) Recruiting Machine... Incorporating a LEAN Philosophy into Recruitment - Best Practice Institute
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A LEAN (mean) Recruiting Machine... Incorporating a LEAN Philosophy into Recruitment

Presenter: Zachary Misko, Vice President, Workforce Strategy, KellyOCG


Six Sigma was all the rage over the last few years, and now LEAN has become the new buzzword in quality and process efficiency. LEAN is a broad catchphrase describing a holistic and sustainable approach using less of everything to give you more. LEAN is a business strategy based on satisfying the customer by delivering quality products and services that are just what the customer needs, when the customer needs them, in the amount required, at the right price, while using the minimum of materials, equipment, space, labor and time.

LEAN, familiar in manufacturing environments, can be applied within the talent acquisition process too. In this presentation learn how our client and KellyOCG partnered to introduce LEAN to the recruitment process. We will also educate you on basic LEAN principles, provide examples of introducing and sustaining LEAN, as well as lessons learned and a fun exercise to help you better understand how being LEAN can improve process.

Materials that may be of interest to participants
1) LEAN case study (will be sent to participants after webinar)
2) Book, LEAN Thinking by Womack & Jones
3) Book, LEAN Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook by George, Rowlands, Price, Maxey

What Will You Learn

1) Strategies for implementing LEAN in recruitment (process)
2) Benefits of LEAN (results)
3) Sustaining a LEAN environment (ongoing)

Who Will Participate

1) Recruitment Professionals
2) HR Directors & Leadership
3) Hiring Managers


Zachary Misko

Vice President, Workforce Strategy, KellyOCG

Access Resource

60 Minutes