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Debunking 10 Common Talent Management Myths

Presenter: Doris Sims, Founder & CEO, Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC


As we look to the future of talent management, it is important to look at concerns and issues that may be limiting to our way of thinking about talent and succession strategy. This webinar discusses these "common myths" of business leaders and human resource professionals as they plan and implement their talent and succession management strategies, and provides a new way of thinking through and discussing these issues, and moving forward with best practice ideas.

What Will You Learn

1. New perspectives regarding talent management issues concerning high potential notification, communications, and development.
2. New ways to answer the concerns and questions business leaders have regarding talent and succession management strategy and processes.
3. New ideas to consider as you plan and continue to enhance your talent management strategy.

Who Will Participate

1. Human Resource Leaders and Business Partners
2. Talent Management Professionals
3. Training and Organizational Development Professionals


Doris Sims

Founder & CEO, Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC

Access Resource

60 Minutes