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Accounting In An Hour

Presenter: BPI Admin,


Accounting In An Hour™ is the acclaimed 60-minute course for non-financial personnel that can help participants be more productive and valuable to any organization.

In only an hour, your trainer will show you, step-by-proven-step, how to expertly evaluate Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Write-offs, Expensing vs. Capitalizing, Investment Criteria, Working Capital, and more. He will also give you valuable insights into how some very high-profile company executives wrongfully manipulated financial data to enrich themselves at the expense of employees and stockholders.

What Will You Learn

Accounting In An Hour explains financial statements and shows participants how organizations make and lose money. The course teaches participants how to interpret accounting terminology, read reports and take part in financial discussions with business associates.

Who Will Participate

This course will be of great value to any person lacking accounting and financial training who occupies or aspires to a management position or otherwise includes budgetary responsibilities, or who interacts with managers and executives on business or financial matters.


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60 Minutes