Providing Irrefutable Proof Of The Bottom-Line Business Impact Of Recruiting, Retention And Development - Best Practice Institute
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Providing Irrefutable Proof Of The Bottom-Line Business Impact Of Recruiting, Retention And Development

Presenter: John Sullivan, Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor


Imagine for a moment a business environment where Talent Management not only had a surplus of budget resources but that you also had the unwavering public support of managers and executives. You should know that not every HR function struggles for support and not all have to continually operate in a “do more with less environment”. If you have struggled with metrics and making the business case and you are interested in learning and adapting the best practices for proving the business impact of Talent Management, this powerful session is perfect for you. The webinar will cover both the factors and the type of numbers that convince cynical executives of the business impact of recruiting, retention and development. The session will also provide examples on how you can demonstrate that different Talent Management areas can directly impact corporate strategic goals including revenue, profit, customer service, innovation and product quality. It’s time for HR professionals to realize that there are proven methods for successfully “making the business case” and noted metrics expert and Talent Management thought leader Dr. John Sullivan will reveal them in this interactive webinar.

What Will You Learn

•To identify the business impacts and the factors that executives care the most about.
•The external proof that is available that demonstrates the business impacts of talent management.
•Why you must convert your traditional HR metrics so that they demonstrate their dollar impact on business results.
•What CFOs and executives really care about and the metrics that have been successfully used to convince them to fully fund talent management.
•Which Talent Management functions have the highest impact on profit.
•Specifically how you can prove the dollar impact of hiring, retaining, and developing top performers and innovators.
•The importance of getting the CFO's office's help in developing metrics and calculating the $ impact of Talent Management.
•Examples of how best practice firms like Google have used data based decision-making to gain management support.

Who Will Participate

Chief Talent Officers and directors of Talent Management, VPs of HR, Directors of recruiting and talent acquisition, Directors of leadership development, Directors of development, training and learning, Directors of workforce and succession planning, Directors of HR, Talent management and HR strategists, Those in HR with metrics responsibilities, HR business partners, HR Generalists and Learning and Development Managers


John Sullivan

Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor

Access Resource

60 Minutes