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Onboarding: Making the First 90 Days Really Count

Presenter: Deborah Slobodnik, Master Coach for Leaders and Teams


Most research has proven that the first 90 days are critical to the success of a new leader. Too often they fail to make an impression, or come on too strong, neither of which is effective. Getting oriented to a new job, new culture, new people is key. Most onboarding programs do not provide all the support a new leader needs to hit the ground running. This webinar will give you an overview of what’s required.

What Will You Learn

1.The seven things a new leader must know to hit the ground running
2.The most confusing part of a new leader’s job
3.How to avoid culture shock and become politically savvy
4.What a New Leader Assimilation Process should include
5.How to start off strong with key stakeholders
6.What they can learn from their direct reports
7.What they can’t learn from their boss
8.What they need to know about engaging remote and global constituencies

Who Will Participate

HR Business Partners, Senior Leaders, External/Internal Coaches, Talent Acquistion Professionals


Deborah Slobodnik

Master Coach for Leaders and Teams

Access Resource

60 Minutes