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Tactics for Change Leaders

Presenter: Deborah Slobodnik, Master Coach for Leaders and Teams


Change is a process, not an event. The real challenge comes during implementation when changes in behavior are required to support the critical business goals. Desired behavioral shifts need to happen at the leadership, team and individual levels, such as increased personal accountability, more transparency and cross-functional teamwork. Resistance to change is always part of the process. The most important X factor in making change happen is the ability of the change leader to stay focused, objective and de-stressed when dealing with the typical frustrations, disappointments and resistance associated with change. In this webinar we will discuss these challenges and learn practical tactics.

1. The emotional roadmap for making change happen
2. The culture factor and how different cultures react to change
3. Recognizing and de-escalating resistance
4. The multiple behavioral roles of change leadership
5. Influence agility

What Will You Learn

1. The purpose of resistance
2. How to recognize, depersonalize and deescalate resistance
3. What’s real versus espoused buy in
4. A roadmap for dealing with the emotional underbelly of change
5. The multiple roles required of the change leader
6. How to avoid becoming part of the problem

Who Will Participate

1. HR Business Partners
2. Senior Leaders implementing change
3. Internal/external coaches


Deborah Slobodnik

Master Coach for Leaders and Teams

Access Resource

60 Minutes