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How to Become an Ideal Leader

Presenter: John Spence, Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC


The session will look at the new trends in what high-performance employees look for in an “Ideal Leader.” Based on John Spence’s work as a leadership instructor and coach to firms such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Abbott Labs, Merrill Lynch, and several other Fortune 500 firms and a recent Global Leadership Survey his firm conducted, John will share what top talent looks for in a leader they would willingly follow.

What Will You Learn

•The importance of superb communication skills
•The need for absolute integrity
•How leaders can demonstrate true courage
•Why collaboration is now more important than charisma
•Compassion as a top leadership characteristic
•The idea of enlightened self-interest as it relates to the leader of the future

Who Will Participate

Executives, High Potential Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Employees who want to learn to lead more effectively, Learning & Development Professionals


John Spence

Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

Access Resource

60 Minutes