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How Business Change is Driven by Career Models and Integrated Talent Management (Integrated Talent Management Roundtable)

Presenter: David White, Co-Founder, Ontos Global


This session explores a powerful foundation for driving fundamental business and culture change through integrated talent management. Based on performance standards linked to functional career paths, we will cover the business logic, architecture, development, and implementation methodology as well as dos and don’ts from real world case studies.

What Will You Learn

-What Career Models Are
-How Career Stages Enable Professional Growth
-The Common Standards of Integrating Talent Processes
-Where Career Models Come From
-How ITT and Microsoft Integrated Talent Management Using These Concepts

Who Will Participate

-Talent Executives, HR Professionals, HRIS Professionals, Integration Specialists, Talent Management Leaders, Consultants and Anyone interested in gaining insight into Integrating Talent Management in Organizations


David White

Co-Founder, Ontos Global

Access Resource

60 Minutes