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Giving Performance Feedback Live

Presenter: Paul Plotczyk, Chief Learning Officer, Best Practice Institute


"Do a performance appraisal! Can I give a speech instead?”

Although studies have shown that one of the most feared tasks amongst people is to give a speech, many managers would argue that giving performance feedback may rank higher.

Most of us have forgotten that the primary purpose of conversations about performance is to improve performance. Yet in a performance appraisal discussion, many managers go through a list of examples of past of performance that did not measure up – as if listening to a litany of complaints ever helped anyone change their performance for the better!

In this Fast Action Learning participants will learn simple, common sense models and specific techniques that will not only make the giving of feedback easier, but it will help provide feedback that truly impacts performance. Tools tied to practical application will be highlighted.
In the 1 hour session we will engage in a fast cycle exchange of information exchange, dynamic tools, and discussion around the topic of giving feedback and how to make it more effective – and easier! Questions will be formulated for the High Performance Organization Learning Group, discussion threads will begin, and a learning circle community will form around this important topic.

What Will You Learn

• How to assess the two key dimensions of performance - employee commitment and competence - performance with an easy to use 4-Box Assessment Model
• Identify characteristics of High, Middle and Low/Grow Performers
• The value of framing performance discussions using the 20/20/60 Rule
• Examples of reframing complaints to determine what performance outcomes are missing
• Current Research and Findings

Who Will Participate

All BPI Members


Paul Plotczyk

Chief Learning Officer, Best Practice Institute

Access Resource

60 Minutes