Mastering the Hard Science of Soft Skills (Recruitment Roundtable) - Best Practice Institute
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Mastering the Hard Science of Soft Skills (Recruitment Roundtable)

Presenter: Paul Basile, Talent selection, Self-Employed


Ask any successful CEO on what basis s/he hires and promotes people and you will hear “integrity”, “passion for the work”, “imagination”, “entrepreneurial drive” and an array of similar qualities often known – neither helpfully nor correctly – as soft skills.

In this webinar Paul Basile will examine these qualities that do, in fact, generate high performance at work and will describe the hard science that explains why. He will deconstruct the current popular approaches to hiring and promotion, exposing the fundamental errors of substance and irrelevancies of their component parts. Paul will illustrate how you can leverage proven, reliable, verified science to improve markedly the likelihood of people being placed in roles where they will be high performers. When you do this, everyone wins.

What Will You Learn

•How to avoid the flaws in current hiring and promotion methods
•Which factors are proven to be the strongest predictors of performance in jobs
•How to measure these factors for jobs, for careers, for people
•You will understand the power of science and how to leverage that science with today’s technology and analytical engines to generate high performing employees
•How people can identify the right career or them, the one where they are most likely to be high performing

Who Will Participate

SVPs and VPs of HR; Hiring managers; Heads of talent management and talent development; University Career Services officers


Paul Basile

Talent selection, Self-Employed

Access Resource

60 Minutes