Senior Executive Board Kick-Off Meeting for 2016-2017 - Best Practice Institute
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Senior Executive Board Kick-Off Meeting for 2016-2017


This is the 2016-2017 kick-off meeting for the BPI Senior Executive Board. Hear the plans, goals and aspirations of your fellow Senior Executive Board members, find your buddy or group for consistent help and support, and sign-up for forums and committees for the Board. You will have the chance to set the research agenda for the year and discover the core areas that are of most interest to the Board as a governing research body of BPI. If you are not able to attend for some reason, we strongly recommend sending your second in command or learning team leader.

During this hour long session, we will:
1. Discuss the year ahead
2. Continue peer activities for existing board members
3. Create new peer pairing for new board members
4. Develop benchmarking topics and questions for the year
5. Create committees for BPI planning.