From Immersion to Presence: How AR and VR Will Revolutionize Your Learning - Best Practice Institute
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From Immersion to Presence: How AR and VR Will Revolutionize Your Learning

Presenter: Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D., President, The Gronstedt Group, Inc.


VR and AR are here. Apple ARKit and Google ARCore are turning two billion phones into a magic lens that can arm your workforce with superpowers. Full-body VR offers a digital rehearsal space of such convincing verisimilitude that learners feel they are actually there. How are Fortune 500 companies driving business results by leaving the glowing rectangular screens behind to step into the virtual and augmented reality of the future?

The new-generation phone-based AR can make the real world the canvas of any number of learning activities, from scavenger hunts to performance support. Meanwhile, VR is used as a “flight simulator” for any technical task that’s too dangerous, expensive, or inconvenient to practice in real life. It is also hailed as the “ultimate empathy machine” for any soft skill training. In this session, you will learn how industry leaders from healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing are ushering in a new era of experiential and visceral learning with mixed reality.

What Will You Learn

• How repeated movements in virtual and augmented reality causes changes in brain structure, which in turn improve performance in the real world

• How a large number of enterprise-scale organizations have already demonstrated dramatic performance improvements with VR learning

• How to leverage the cost of developing for VR and AR by deploying the same simulation to any flat-screen device, including desktops, tablets, and phones

• How to develop VR and AR learning programs, along with typical timelines and budgets

• How to make the business case for virtual and augmented reality learning


Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D.

President, The Gronstedt Group, Inc.

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60 Minutes