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Developing Leaders in the Middle East

Presenter: Atif Rahim Khan, SPHR, Certified Global Human Resources Leader In Training, Learning & Development, Leadership Development


Keeping in mind the current challenges being faced in the Middle East as well as the local ideal form of leadership, leadership development efforts in the Middle East must take into account critical differentiators from other global contexts. While Atif mentions the similarities, he states that the Middle East is a huge region and large differences exist within it.

What Will You Learn

During this hour long session and community discussion, Atif will explain the following important leadership differentiators in the middle east, skills and competencies important to the region, and other critical lessons for success in developing a Middle Eastern leadership or talent management program.
1. Emphasis on the role of the leader as a servant and a guardian with a collective responsibility, rather than self-interest, that are accounted for;
2. Strong focus on the ethical profile of the leader;
3. Since Islam is considered by Muslims to be a complete code for life any discussion on leadership would be incomplete without a discussion on how leadership is discussed in Islam and how Prophet Muhammad presented a role model of leadership;
4. Leadership through relationships rather than individual efforts alone. Building strong leader-follower relationships which emphasize obedience, loyalty, collective welfare and trust;
5. Belief that the fruits of individual and organizational leadership are meant to be shared with others, not hoarded;
6. Importance placed on covenants and commitments as being near sacred;
7. Integrating women into the leadership mainstream without crossing religious and tradition dictated boundaries; and
8. Strong regard for the local Arabic language and for Arab & Muslim history which should be tapped into for leadership lessons

As a member of BPI, you will have the opportunity to discuss these differences with Atif, and engage in a powerful conversation around the future of global leadership development in the Middle East.

Who Will Participate

Executives, managers, directors and team leaders interested in Global Development, Foreign Assignments, Global Leadership Development, Leadership Training and Cultural Awareness.


Atif Rahim Khan

SPHR, Certified Global Human Resources Leader In Training, Learning & Development, Leadership Development

Access Resource

60 Minutes