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In Great Company

Presenter: Louis Carter, CEO, BPI
June16, 2020 11:00 AM ET      For 60 minutes


In Lou's 11th book, published in 2019 by McGraw-Hill, In Great Company lays out a practical approach to ensure that your employees perform at their highest possible levels. It’s not about increasing salaries, offering huge bonuses, or investing in the latest employee engagement tools. The real answer is simpler, deeper, and longer-lasting: getting your people to love where they work.

In this session, Lou will focus on organizations that have already seen proven success through this method.

The first half of the session will include three 10 minute conversations with leaders who were detailed in the book, talking to Lou about the specific cases and how they improved performance and productivity.

The second half will be an interactive conversation, facilitated by Lou with the special guest cases and the Senior Executive Board to identify ways to bring these strategies into your company. You

Reading the book prior to the session is not required, but is recommended.


Louis Carter



June16, 2020 11:00 AM ET

For 60 minutes