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Growth & Resilience in a Crisis

Presenter: Mark Thompson, CSuite Executive Leadership Coach, MG100


In this CEO MasterClass Series – Growth & Resilience in a Crisis, New York Times Bestselling Author Mark Thompson, talks about growth and resilience for your business and leadership team during a crisis. The talk will focus on:

What Will You Learn

* Getting a Seat at the Table: What’s happening in your board room with your directors and shareholders, and how to be valued by your CEO.
* How Successful, Scrappy, Leaders apply Productive Paranoia to engage and activate the best teams in times of fear and uncertainty.
* From COVID Fever to Cabin Fever: Finding connection for your teams and workers around the world as their adrenalin runs dry and tempers soar from captivity fatigue.


Mark Thompson

CSuite Executive Leadership Coach, MG100

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30 Minutes