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LEAN Learning: How to Effectively Transfer Knowledge

Presenter: Todd Hudson, Head Maverick,, Maverick Institute


The vast majority of corporate training activities are waste; 85% to 99% waste by some estimates. They don't improve learning and retention and don’t lead to performance improvements. With slashed budgets and staff levels at all time lows, executives can’t afford employees sitting in classrooms, taking online courses or roaming around virtual environments that don’t deliver measureable results.

Lean, the philosophy and methods of eliminating non-valued activities and increasing delivered value, is used extensively in manufacturing, software development and other business applications with great success.

In this webinar, learn how Lean thinking and methods can help executives make knowledge transfer a key organizational competency that can contribute to the organization’s performance and bottom line right away.

What Will You Learn

-Lean concepts for training and knowledge transfer
-How to recognize obstacles and misconceptions that perpetuate poor knowledge transfer
-Set knowledge transfer stretch goals
-Identify and remove typical training waste
-Discover where ‘real’ learning takes place
-How to select appropriate knowledge transfer methods and technologies

Who Will Participate

Directors of Learning and Development, C-Suite Executives, Training Professionals, Managers, Training Specialists, anyone who is interested in better facilitating learning processes.


Todd Hudson

Head Maverick,, Maverick Institute

Access Resource

60 Minutes