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The Accountability Partnership show

Presenter: Louis Carter, CEO, BPI


Join a Community of Accountability

More than ever before in our lifetime, accountability is vital to success. In the post-COVID economy, success is reliant on holding yourself, and your stakeholders accountable for achieving success. 

That is why BPI, led by Founder and CEO and world-renowned transformation expert Louis Carter is developing a Community of Accountability. Don’t pass up this opportunity to take your future back into your hands, and get help, while helping others, achieve goals. 

During the session, Louis Carter will share success stories and examples of how he has led transformational change for his clients, and in his own business, due to the use of accountability partnerships. 

Then you will be partnered with another like-minded execution-focused leader to keep each other accountable for achieving goals. 

A few requirements before registering:

If you register, you MUST attend. You don’t have to register, but by doing so, you are committing to supporting yourself and others in achieving success. There will be work - committing to achieving your own goals, and agreeing to help others do the same, will require an open mind, access to research, and testing assumptions. If you are coming to rest on your past laurels of success, this isn’t the session for you.
However, if you are committed to achieving your goals in life this year, and want to pay it forward and help others do the same, then you will be a perfect fit for Louis Carter’s Community of Accountability. 

Register today here.


Louis Carter


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60 Minutes