The Louis Carter Show, with special guest Dr. Darren Good - Best Practice Institute
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The Louis Carter Show, with special guest Dr. Darren Good

Presenter: Louis Carter, CEO, BPI


Dr. Darren Good, award-winning teacher and researcher of applied behavioral science joins me to discuss his newest work and research around "mindfulness" and its impact on workplace well-being and performance. In a recent article published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Dr. Good takes an alternative view of the positive effects that "mindfulness" should have on the workplace, and presents a view that being mindful at work may pose hidden and largely unexplored challenges showing that mindfulness is not always helpful in the workplace. Particularly for workplaces where employees are engaged in “surface acting,” in which employees hide their true feelings or pretend to have emotions they do not really have, mindfulness lead to increasingly taxed employees, diminished task/citizenship performance, and increased counterproductive performance.

Dr. Darren Good is currently a Professor at Pepperdine University's Graziadio Business School in both the MBA and MS Organization Development programs.


Louis Carter


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