Louis Carter Show with Bev Kaye - Best Practice Institute
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Louis Carter Show with Bev Kaye

Presenter: Louis Carter, CEO, BPI


Bev Kaye talks about the practices behind her book, Love 'Em or Lose 'Em. She discusses the three questions a manager can ask now, and other practical advice to move from being in a company that is hated to being loved. Bev and I share the word "love" in our research. In Most Loved Workplace we tackle the issue of what it takes for employees to have a positive sentiment for their organization.

What this comes down to is that managers care for and respect the success of their employees, and employees care for and respect the success of their managers and company. In essence, your company becomes a truly great place for everyone to succeed, grow, and thrive. During our time together we talk about many of the elements that are essential to making this happen.


Louis Carter


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