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Critical Conversations: What to Say and How to Say it

Presenter: Lory Fischler, Sr. Associate with Leadership Development Services


Did you ever have a conversation or interaction that went badly? Did you leave a meeting and regret that you didn’t say what you really felt or said something you did regret saying? Have you played back in your head a discussion over and over again? Have you had difficult giving frank, candid feedback to an employee for fear of hurting their feelings? Are you waiting for someone to apologize who said something offensive to you?

Everyone faces difficult interactions with the peers, employees and family members that can be painful and distracting. All of us have stalled relationships that need a critical conversation - a process that reframes a potentially negative interaction and constructs a positive dialogue that avoids blame.

In this webinar Lory Fischler will share a 7 step process that will allow you to master the critical conversations that come with your daily work and responsibilities.

What Will You Learn

-Seven Step Process for Handling Critical Conversations
-How to Address Important Issues in a Climate of Respect
-Processes for Keeping a Conversation from Derailing
-How to Manage our own Emotions in Conversations
-How to Manage Conflict
-Steps for Reachin Resolution

Who Will Participate

Managers, C-Suite Leaders, Directors, Executives, Organization Members who Communicate Plans, Processes and Needs.


Lory Fischler

Sr. Associate with Leadership Development Services