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Creating Your Leadership Philosophy

Presenter: Louis Carter, CEO, BPI


Leading today is harder than ever. The workforce landscape has changed dramatically. This requires steadfast, focused leadership from people who are clear about their methods. Reliability, loyalty, and clarity is essential. The problem is far too often leaders are inconsistent with their styles and philosophies, making it hard for people to get a read on their leaders. This cases fear and sometimes panic. Take this essential course on how to find, get feedback on, and create your own leadership philosophy so you can earn the trust and respect of your team, colleagues and bosses, and in the meantime, achieve great success for yourself and your company.

What Will You Learn

During this course, you will learn:
The four main leadership philosophies of great leaders.
How to find the philosophy you resonate with the most.
Ways to ask for feedback and help to become the leader you must be
Creating and maintaining your inner circle of supporters
And much more..


Louis Carter


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60 Minutes