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Managing Virtual Workers Today


Forty percent of today’s employees work virtually, soon to be 50 percent by 2020. Thirty-six percent of employees would give up a pay raise for the ability to work remotely; forty percent would be willing to take a pay cut for that option. Is your company maximizing this labor source, making it a competitive advantage for your organization? By allowing greater worker autonomy and flexibility, companies can greatly expand their potential pool of talent, which is especially important in light of the increasing shortage of skilled labor facing all organizations in the upcoming years. Dr. Bob Nelson shares what it takes to successfully manage virtual workers, learn the pitfalls, successful tools & techniques other organizations are using, and increase your confidence for effectively getting work done through workers who are not in the office.

Topics covered in this presentation include:

• The growing importance of virtual work and the virtual worker

• Setting clear goals, expectations and control for virtual workers

• Building trust, teams and accountability with virtual workers

• Technology tools and strategies for extraordinary communication

• Promoting inclusion and collaboration with virtual workers

• Virtual recognition and rewards for remote workers