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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Practice Institute Member Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you still need clarification for anything on or off this page, please contact customer service at 800-718-4274. We value your business and will be happy to help you.

What is the Senior Executive Board? Is it like a Board of Directors?

The BPI Senior Executive Board does not act as BPI’s Board of Directors. Rather, the BPI Senior Executive Board is BPI’s flagship offering. Senior Executive Board members apply to become a part of one of the most unique experiences for benchmarking, strategizing, and networking within the Human Resources industry. Membership is limited to 15 board members per group and exclusive to only SVP and C-level executives who fit our criterion for values and best practice-based leadership.

I am having technical problems with using WebEx. Please help!

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact Cisco-Webex directly at 1-866-229-3239.

Is it ok to download Cisco’s program onto my computer? Is it a safe, virus free program?

Cisco is one of the most reliable and secure platforms in the world. We have chosen to partner with Cisco for this reason. You may download the Cisco program onto your desktop when prompted. It is completely safe, secure, and virus-free.

How do I get my HRCI credits?

You will be given a code for HRCI credit upon completion of your webinar. 

How do I view past webinar recordings and PowerPoint Presentations?

To access a webinar, you simply need to find the webinar by searching for the presenter using the search feature in the top right corner of https://www.bestpracticeinstitute.org. From there, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to watch webinars embedded on the page and you can click on "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT PRESENTATION" to download the Powerpoint.

How do I renew my membership?

When your membership has expired, the system will prompt you to renew your membership. Log-in and follow the instructions to renew. 

What best practices do you recommend for webinars?

Make sure you register early because four weeks before the webinar, we will send out the Powerpoint deck and post it on the site under the specific webinar for your review. 

Two weeks before the webinar, you will receive a survey in your email. The survey is your opportunity to seek expert help for a specific problem you are facing in your work situation or have the expert tailor the webinar to your learning goals.

The day before the webinar and the day of the webinar, Webex will automatically send you reminders that include your log-in information.

What should I expect when participating in the online learning process?

You will receive two reminder e-mails: the first e-mail will be sent to you one day before and the next reminder will be sent thirty minutes before the webinar.  You will be invited to log-in with the information sent to your email by Webex. Please mute your microphone upon entry to reduce background noise. When we call on you, this is your unique opportunity for networking, informal benchmarking, and introducing yourself to the group. You are welcome to share specific problems, goals and questions.

Throughout the process, we want to hear from you. Share your experiences, ask questions, answer questions. By taking part in the community sharing process, you will maximize your experience with Best Practice Institute.

At the scheduled start time of the webinar, we will introduce the expert and explain our Non-attribution Policy – you are free to express yourself without concern of attribution to your specific company or name. 

Next, you should expect about twenty minutes of the highest quality presentation our experts have to offer. While our experts have written many books and presented countless webinars, we ask them to give you only the best information they have. This allows you to focus in on a few of their best points.  

Limiting our experts also allows time for a twenty minute benchmarking session. This is essential for you to take the most away from the webinar process by hearing how your colleagues address similar problems. It also allows you to pose questions to the experts to have them solve for you.

Following the benchmarking session, the expert will wrap up the webinar for about ten minutes. This allows our experts to provide you with the one or two things the expert thinks are most important.

We put you first and we let you speak last. We will split the remaining ten minutes between you and the other participants where everyone will share the one practice, skill, piece of information, idea or point of emphasis they are taking back. 

You are welcome to stay a few minutes after the webinar. We may have special activities like an extra benchmarking session, extra Q&A or extra material from the expert.

How do I find out about upcoming webinars?

Upcoming webinars are posted on the calendar on “My Profile” and on your Personal Development Plan. Check your calendar as well as “Live Webinars” on the left hand column of your screen.

What is My Personal Development Plan?

Your Personal Development Plan is the place you can go to find all of your saved resources. And, you can add your personal learning goals. If you are a corporate member, your learning team leader or Head of Leadership Development will add the organizational learning goal here as well. Your personal learning goals will be documented so that each time you meet them it will be documented as an activity.

How do I submit a support ticket? 

You may submit a support ticket using the support icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. Depending on your account type we will get back to you within 12-32 hours. 

I’d like for my company to become a corporate member. How can we become a corporate member?

You must have an internal company sponsor in order to become a corporate member. If you have direct responsibility for your learning and development budget, or work with someone who does, they must contact the Best Practice Institute office at 800-718-4274 for more information on Corporate Membership options. 

How do I become a Senior Executive Board member?

You must apply to become a senior executive board member. Once you fill out your application, internal BPI staff will discover if you fit our first main criterion of seniority and company size. We will then set up an appointment for you to have a discussion with our founder and CEO. Once this process is completed, we will send your application for consideration to the existing Senior Executive Board. 

Contact us using our contact us form to begin the application process.