Corie Pauling at Best Practice Institute
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Expert Detail


WHO I AM: A human resources / human capital/diversity management specialist who leverages data and analytics to deliver strategic organizational change. Beyond the metrics, I finesse the relationships - with senior management and with clients - to engage them, build consensus, and bring joy to the work. WHAT I DO: I evaluate across-the-board metrics to identify opportunities for a business to transform and elevate, largely on the strength of aligning people strategies with the corporation’s short- and long-term strategies. VALUE I BRING: People are the most important asset a company has. By enhancing total organization value through people, I have contributed to increasing business efficiency, raising performance, and retaining the people and, therefore, the knowledge base.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

How to Define and Measure Inclusion

Learning Session | Published: April 01, 2019

During our session, we will unearth the following: * How we define inclusion within our organizations and what methods are used to create a new definition of diversity and inclusion. * What indices are used that to capture inclusion or leadership effectiveness. * At what levels of the organizat...
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