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Expert Detail


Christine is the Senior Vice President of Talent Services at CIT. Prior to joining CIT, Christine was responsible for all global talent management activities at NYSE. Ms. Tricoli earned her Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Canisius College. Ms. Tricoli has over 27 years of experience in HR and has worked with Fortune 500 companies. Christine’s areas of expertise include talent management, strategic planning, organizational development, recruitment, benefits, payroll administration, performance management, change management, executive consulting, mentoring, labor relations and policy development.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Senior Executive Board Kick-Off Meeting for 2016-2017

Learning Session | Published: August 25, 2016

This is the 2016-2017 kick-off meeting for the BPI Senior Executive Board. Hear the plans, goals and aspirations of your fellow Senior Executive Board members, find your buddy or group for consistent help and support, and sign-up for forums and committees for the Board. You will have the chance to ...
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Senior Executive Board Benchmark-It: Aligning Talent Strategies Globally

Learning Session | Published: September 11, 2016

How do companies align talent strategies on a global level? 1. Workforce Planning 2. Leadership Development Strategy 3. Compensation 4. Technology to support them 5. Talent Mobility (to allow for emerging market leaders to bring them to developed countries and then back to their home country)...
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