Tom Leech at Best Practice Institute
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Conduct training seminars nationwide to sharpen important (and often weak) presentations skills for executives, PMs, Techies, etc. Coach proposal orals and short list interview teams (200+, mostly winners) to help them win important competitive bids. Speaker providing keynotes and programs for conferences and team meetings adding spark and knowledge. Executive 1:1 speech coach to enhance quality and confidence. Author of key books valuable for business success (a) "Say it like Shakespeare: the Bard's Timeless Tips for Communication Success, 2nd Ed." Int'l Book Awards 2014 WINNER in Business Communications/Public Relations category; (b) "How to Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations," 3 Editions (AMACOM); (c) To enhance nature joy, improve fitness, and relieve business stress, "Outdoors San Diego: Hiking, Biking & Camping;" (d) "On the Road in '68: a Year of Turmoil, a Journey of Friendship.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Making Sure Your Presentations Are Winners, Not Losers

Learning Session | Published: May 07, 2013

Being able to communicate with various audiences via presentations, speeches, and webinars is a key element for success. As Shakespeare said, “No man is lord of anything ‘til he communicate his parts to others.” Examples abound where speaking ability has helped open doors (think Barack Obama),...
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How To Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations

Learning Session | Published: May 03, 2013

As a leader you are constantly giving presentations and making proposals. Recently, PowerPoint and other software programs are proving to be more hurtful that helpful. Excessive use of effects and complicated graphics are causing criticism amongst audience members. It is time to shift focus and use ...
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