Chris Coffey at Best Practice Institute
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For over 30 years, Chris has been in the leadership development world and has worked with and coached hundreds of key leaders and successful individuals – helping them develop the leadership to become even more effective. Chris’s coaching style is direct and well-defined around the Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process he co-developed with Frank Wagner and Marshall Goldsmith.

Chris has coached leaders in Fortune 100, 500, 1000 companies, as well as those in startups and non-profits. The common denominator for all the individuals with whom Chris has worked is that they are all successful, high-potential leaders whose organizations want to accelerate their development by having them work closely with a seasoned, dynamic, and effective executive coach.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Building Organizational Capability: Measurement-Based Leadership Coaching

Learning Session | Published: May 06, 2013

To succeed in the current business landscape, organizations need to operate at the highest levels of performance, and this is especially true for key contributors in leadership roles. An effective leadership coaching strategy is an important option to consider in developing and supporting their perf...
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A Measurement Based Approach to Leadership Coaching

Learning Session | Published: June 17, 2013

Words and phrases have meanings. For example: leadership development, talent management, high potential talent, coaching and mentoring, and many others. This webinar will focus like a laser on Marshall Goldsmith's stakeholder centered coaching process. Internal and external coaches have been trained...
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