James E. Lantzy at Best Practice Institute
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James Lantzy presently develops innovative learning programs in the US Government and overall his leadership spans over twenty-four years including working for the Department of Homeland Security, serving as Chief Technology Officer for the National Counter-terrorism Center and holding a variety of leadership positions for the U.S. State Department. As an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, James Lantzy looks for ways to leverage tools, embrace innovation and open thought. He builds upon relationships that have grown across academia and industry to provide his workforce with opportunities to enhance in the development of leaders at every level. With varying degrees over his 24 year leadership journey, ranging from a BS in Accounting, MA in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, to Doctorate in Arts and Humanities - Jim has found that his passion comes from enabling others to work toward their strengths and provide them with the resources they may need to achieve their own personal and professional goals. Jim is a proponent that true continuous learning occurs outside of classrooms and that [the act of doing] through experiential learning opportunities, allow us a unique avenue where we can realize our full potential and embrace the challenges which drive us.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Developing Talent at Every Level: Learning Experiences Across Disciplines (LEAD)

Learning Session | Published: May 03, 2013

The Learning Experiences Across Disciplines (LEAD) program was designed to help leaders provide continuous learning opportunities and develop leaders at all levels within one of the world's largest civilian intelligence agencies. You will learn the details of the LEAD program - and specifically how ...
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