Crucial Conversations and Transformational Moments
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Crucial Conversations and Transformational Moments

We have been part of hundreds of conversations about what it takes to create an effective organization, an organization that not only survives in today’s tough business climate, but one that builds a platform for future prosperity. We’ve both felt a nagging ambivalence from people in these conversations. When discussing what sets effective organizations apart the conversation reflects both the spectacular results these great companies consistently produce and the behavior and attitudes of the people who produce them.  And yet, when we ask the question, “How do we get there from here?” our primary methods are limited to adopting the structures, systems, processes and practices of some of these best-in-class organizations.  The assumption that seems to hold us hostage in these conversations is that while new behaviors and attitudes are the goal, the best—or only—method for getting there is through influencing non-human factors like organizational structure, work processes, ...