Leadership Communication
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Leadership Communication

For those who collect useless items of trivia, it may be interesting to know that there are more synonyms for the word “drunk” than any other in the English language. There are also more books, articles and dissertations on leadership than any other topic of management. Whether you find either item of information intriguing or dull isn’t at issue. However, the sheer volume of research and wiring about the concept of leadership tells us that this is not an easily defined topic, or one where there will be a great deal of consensus. From Machiavelli to Townsend , Tannenbaum to Harvey-Jones , there is very little consensus on what makes an effective leader.

Just about the one thing almost all these authorities agree upon, however, is that effective leaders are also effective communicators. (The corollary is not necessarily agreed upon – good communicators do not necessarily make good leaders.)