The Leader of the Future
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The Leader of the Future

When the first edition of The Leader of the Future was published, the stable and highly efficient hierarchies that had served the industrial era were rapidly becoming outdated.  Top-down technologies of control were being supplanted by web-like technologies of opportunity, which had the effect of distributing knowledge and power more broadly in organizations and in society as a whole.  As a result, the dominant model of leadership was being challenged.  The command-and-control, my-way-or-the-highway heroic leader who had stood unquestioned at the top of the organizational pyramid and relied on positional power and charisma to keep his troops in line was increasingly perceived as a figure of weakness rather than a figure of strength, a testament to the old order and a hindrance to the new.  The primary task that faced leaders was thus the need to understand the nature of the new technological and economic order, and help their organizations adapt to it.Meeting this challenge require...