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Best Practice Champion

Do you wanna know what’s really going on with your employees, clients or co-workers? Get ‘em to write and sing the blues! Alternate: It’s 7:38 on a hot Miami evening. The room is slowly filling with people from all over the world — jet lagged, disheveled and a bit dazed from the conference’s endless meetings. The house lights dim, and one-by-one the musicians take the stage. The guitar player strikes his first long drawling chord and music rises from the glowing amps. The crowd – surprised at first – starts to settle in, and a low buzz sweeps through the room. By the end of the first song the mood has changed as the sound of the blues starts to work its magic… You may be wondering why I’m writing this to you. Isn’t this a business article? This chapter is about using music as a force, a metaphor and as a springboard to change—to moving an organization forward and tapping into reserves of energy and productivity heretofore untapped. The music used is the blues, the...