Innovation in the Chicago YMCA
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Innovation in the Chicago YMCA

With roughly 5,000 employees at 34 Ys (including 5 resident camps) serving roughly 1,000,000 people per year, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is the world’s largest YMCA.  We serve a substantial portion of Northeastern Illinois, ranging from the Wisconsin border to Southern suburbs 30 miles from the Chicago Loop.  Our service areas encompass Ys serving the highest growth, most affluent suburbs and Ys serving the inner city - one of our centers serves 3 of the 10 poorest communities in the nation.  Another successfully mixes members from both the Gold Coast and the Cabrini Green Housing Project.  Our diversity extends well beyond the socio-economic.  We are the largest child care provider in Illinois, and we are also the largest SRO operator in the state.  In addition to our traditional health, fitness, and recreation programs, our operations range from job training to homecare services to gang intervention to economic development to mentoring to arts education.Over 6 years, th...