Quality Leadership Development
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Quality Leadership Development

When faced with a crisis that threatened everything they stood for, 600 people from across the country representing all functions and levels of this organization came together to share their concerns and hopes for the future. As they listened to each other, participants quickly recognized how important it was to set aside their own agendas around “back home” issues and come together for the greater cause. By telling their stories and sharing their diverse perspectives through the four-day meeting, it was obvious that their fellow brothers and sisters shared many of the same concerns they were dealing with “back home”. Their sense of urgency was heightened as a panel of speakers painted a picture of the external factors (social, political, and economic) that threaten to dismantle what this organization has worked so hard to preserve for over seventy years. Futurists shared their ideas about what was on the horizon, e.g. trends, demographics, etc. and how the organization might b...