Best Practices in Leading the Global Workforce
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Best Practices in Leading the Global Workforce

We created a research study that addresses the following areas: 1. Talent and Succession Management 2. Performance Management 3. Leadership Development 4. Global Change You and your organization will likely get the most from this study if you work with a team in selecting a few of the cases to study in depth. Aspects of several cases may apply well to your organization and its culture. From the cases you will be able to extract approaches, interventions, and specific tools that can serve your organizational goals. By studying a number of the cases, you will be able to see which programs are likely to work best for you. The twelve initiatives in this study have achieved recent best practice global results. Each chapter shows how the organization advanced a global business strategy with a specific new initiative in the areas of talent and succession management, performance management, leadership development, and global change issues. Each case describes t...