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What Makes You an Expert is Not What Makes You Interesting

Presenter: Ilene Bergelson, Founder of Lifemoves Health
Duration     60 Minutes


All too often brilliant executives become the casualty of excess nerves when asked to present. From ideas not being taken seriously to being passed over for a promotion, the cost of these nerves means the executive’s credibility and future.

In this interactive webinar, Ilene walks participants through successful strategies for getting past the anxiety that results in “Body Sabotage” and the mental catch-22 that leads to a stiff and dull delivery. In her warm and humorous style, Ilene will show you how to transform with the shakiness, racing heart, and brain fog into a strong, grounded and dynamic presence.

What Will You Learn

-An understanding of where your stiffness and anxiety truly come from
-The process for channeling nervous energy into fuel
-New tools to transform Body Sabotage
-The 3 steps to tap into your own strength and transmit it to the room

Who Will Participate

CEOs, management, team leaders, and individuals who wish to speak with greater impact.


Ilene Bergelson

Founder of Lifemoves Health


60 Minutes

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