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Sharpen Your Strategic Acumen to Unleash Your Career


67% of employers surveyed stated that they believed their managers lacked the strategic abilities to make a meaningful strategic contribution to the organization.

We subscribe to the subversive belief that business results are radically improved when all levels of management contribute strategically. We were shocked and saddened by the results of our recent survey and decided it’s time to help create a new reality around strategic contribution for management at all levels.

In this webinar, Michelle Randall, president of Enriching Leadership International, will offer development and tools to enhance strategic leadership that are both straightforward and immediately applicable.

In particular she will address:
• Identifying what makes contribution genuinely strategic
• Getting a seat at the table when larger strategic direction is being formed
• Shedding the obstacles to making your own strategic contribution
• Creating a subversive organization for optimal results

This webinar will be very interactive and you will have the opportunity to share challenges and ask questions that really matter to you.