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Leading Change Changes Leaders

Presenter: Zara Larsen, Global Industry & Engineering Executive, Serial Intrepreneur


Change capacity. Every organization needs it, yet isn’t necessarily getting it without considerable leadership talent turnover. Change leaders. Can we develop more or do we have to bring them in from the outside? And either way, why is it that those who lead high impact change quite often leave the firm even if their efforts are wildly successful?

In this webinar, Zara Larsen will discuss the power of Social Capital in leading high impact change through the eyes of 30 executives who led over 40 combined major projects – mergers and acquisitions, operational turnarounds, new product/process/service introductions, and culture changes in competitive environments. How these leaders developed and leveraged bonding and bridging social capital was critical for the change agenda to be achieved and sustained. And the change leader to be sustained and retained – or NOT. This is much more than social networks – THINK trust, shared experiences, community; integration, influence, and reciprocity embedded in internal and reaching across external networks. The value and values across networks.

Zara will first explain the definition and facets of social capital, as used in contemporary academic research and practitioner studies. You will then learn about the attributes common to leaders appointed from inside the organization (Insiders) to lead change, and those brought in from the outside (Outsiders) as full-time employees with mutual desire to build a lasting career within the firm. The two groups differ in very interesting ways, including career orientation, how they manage the scale and scope of their change leadership role, and how they leverage social capital.

What Will You Learn

This webinar intends to equip those attracted to lead high impact change with new insights to not just survive, but thrive. Sponsors/mentors and Talent Management professionals will learn about organizational mechanisms to support these unique individuals. In absence of acute self-awareness and potential interventions, the dynamics of leading change can cause an illusory shift in leader identity.


Zara Larsen

Global Industry & Engineering Executive, Serial Intrepreneur

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60 Minutes