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Managing the Corporation in Crisis


Even with balanced and holistic business performance, there may be times when external conditions almost blow the business apart. It is times like these that a crisis metaphor is needed if the business is to survive. This metaphor is the Apollo 13 mission. The recovery of the Apollo 13 space module with its occupants is one of the classic feats of people in the annals of pioneering endeavor.
A new derivational model has emerged for applying the Apollo metaphor to a business in crisis. It is called DSL (Derived Solutions Logic). DSL uses three derivational principles to identify solutions to the crisis. These principles are 1) the literary device of alliteration, 2) the number of completeness, 7, and 3) the principle of hierarchy. Two of these principles were used by McKenzie associates in deriving their notable 7S Framework© for analyzing a corporation. The associates identified skills, strategy, staffing, structure, style, and systems as the essentials of corporate analysis. But, having analyzed scores of successful business, they had become convinced that central to corporate performance was the core values of the company. Using alliteration they added the seventh and central factor of performance they called, shared values.
This webinar will provide examples of how to use the DSL model to exhaustively analyze the corporation in crisis and to identify essential strategies for survival.